Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wicked Cool Spooky Sketch

I had a fun time getting together with fellow stampers Dawn and Holly yesterday. We decided to try out a challenge, with a Halloween theme, based on this week's Sweet Sunday Sketch Challenge. I love sketch challenges!! I am one of those people who agonize over the placement and design of my cards. I like to look at a sketch and then just focus on working on putting the pieces together. I am much more productive this way, although you wouldn't know it by how LONG it took me to get this card together. *Sigh*!
I used the new Wicked Cool stamp set on this card, which I think is pretty awesome for Halloween. I didn't use a whole lot of other Stampin' Up! products on this card...that will happen occasionally on my blog. I am going to affectionately dub these posts:
"My-Creations-Attempting-to-Use-Up-the-Ridiculous-Amount-of-Papercrafting-Products-I-Stockpile". Simply put, I need to dust off some of the collected products in my stamp studio and allow them to finally see the light of day. I guess you could say I'm a supply "collector", because the word "hoarder" conjures up images of those crazy reality TV shows. I'm not at that stage...YET...ok, maybe a little! But I digress....

Aren't these sparkly spiders adorable? The only problem was that I couldn't fit 4 of these creepy, little "beef-cakes" on the card like I had wanted to. :(
I heat embossed the candelabra and the sentiment in black, then added a wee bit of glitter to the candle "flames", because let's face it, who doesn't love making a mess with glitter! Even a teeny amount will effectively find it's way onto everything and everyone in the room, Haha! 

Thanks for visiting! 
Have a *spooky* day, stampin' friends! 


  1. Love the finished PUT TOGETHER card, hehe!! Those spiders give me the CREEPS, eeek! :)

  2. Really like this - love the touch of colour.

  3. This is adorable! I love how the ribbon continues from back to front to back again!

  4. Dear Anne Marie. I love your writing.. You are such a natural blogger. And it is so true about the 'not-hoarding' part.. hahaha.. we just didn't have the time yet to use our precious stuff. But one day we will. right :)
    You did a great job on the
    challenge.. Love it.
    Take care, Pauline

    pss: thanks for your sweet words on my blog today. I appreciate it!

  5. What an outstanding card, love the little spiders!

  6. I really like this, so many cool elements going on here. I love the ribbon and the spiders, oh and I also like the designer paper. :)

  7. Fabulous card and design! Your attention to details shows. Beautiful work.

  8. Wonderful Halloween card! Those spiders are so cute!

  9. Love!! What a great card! :)

    Need to post a picture of your stampin' studio!! :) It's always fun to see how everyone organizes their stuff. (BTW - where do you find refills for your label maker - I have the same one but can't find refills anywhere!!)

  10. Awesome card, very classy too! Love it!

  11. Spiders are kinda creepy! Very cute card I love the orange in the background.

  12. Beautifully spooky, I love the buttons, adorable card!

    Please come visit my blog!

  13. I just ordered this set and can't wait to play, thanks for the inspiration!

  14. I love this card! You are so amazingly talented, AM!


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