Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sharing Some Love for OWH

I am so excited to post today! I finally completed my cards for Courtney's swap for Operation Write Home. Although, I think everyone decided to donate all of the cards so it wasn't really a swap. (Thanks for hosting, Courtney!) I have mentioned before that my husband is in the military, so OWH is something near and dear to my heart. It was a little odd to be whipping up 11 Valentine's Day cards in the height of the Christmas season but I was SO happy to share the love. My husband was also pretty excited that I was making these cards and he actually helped me get them put together.  Yet another reason why I love this guy...Honey, I know you read this, you are absolutely the best! :)

For many deployed soldiers, they may only have the opportunity to connect with their families (at best) once to twice a some cases, much longer. Then, they have a "timed" phone call. Imagine having a *voice* interrupting your call at the 12 minute mark, telling you time is almost up, when you still have SO much to say! I have been there more then a few times. Anyone who has been through one of these deployments can completely understand that frustration...ugh. Operation Write Home is an amazing organization which provides the opportunity for deployed soldiers to connect with their loved ones. For those deployed, many don't really have the resources available to just "go to the store and pick up a card". Every time my husband was gone we actually made it "fun" to use what he had available, where he was (card selection was pretty limited in the desert). I had to laugh when I received a Thanksgiving card in early-February, a St. Patrick's Day card in June and an "I Love You" card whenever he could actually find one. It was what was written "inside" the card that made it truly meaningful, though. 

That's why Operation Write Home touches my heart. I love the possibility that one of my cards will be used to write a super-special love letter to a missed loved one...and it will (hopefully) arrive "on time". I kept them pretty simple so they would be easy to mail. If you have never checked out this site, I encourage you to. 'Tis the season of giving! Please remember those who give up SO much! 
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  1. Beautiful cards and such a great thing you are doing for our troops so they can connect with the family, thank you to your hubby as well, he seems like an awesome man.

  2. These are just "tops"! And for a wonderful cause. Such pretty cards.

  3. I am so ready to make something other than Christmas cards too! Lovely cards and for such a worthy cause!!

  4. These are adorable, and wow! Did you go all out, very impressive how you made so many of them, what great support to OWH.

  5. Oh yeah! These are such wonderful cards! These will certainly make a hero and his family happy. OWH is a great organization.

  6. You have been busy! These are wonderful, and am sure will bring a smile to the faces of the heros and their loved ones.

  7. Anne Marie, your cards are adorable. A great support for the troops !!

  8. What a wonderful cause.....These beautiful cards will be cherished I'm sure!

  9. Look at all those pretty shades of red and pink!!! They make me so happy...and I'm sure those heroes will be delighted upon receiving them. I adore that pretty heart DP!!!

    P.S. your hubby is a keeper!!!

  10. What a great shout-out to OWH. I really like your Vday cards. I think any soldier would love to send them home to their sweetheart. I'll be trying to get some together myself before the January 7th deadline.

    I probably make and donate 100 cards a year to OWH. My fave to make are the kids/teen cards because I only have two kids in my life (my 10 yr old nephew and 12 yr old niece) and I like to make the fun and whimsical cards but have no one to send them to.

  11. Anne Marie - wonderful cause. I love being able to run drives and create cards for OWH, for exactly the reasons you outlined here.
    Fabulous cards, too!

  12. Anne Marie -

    Beautiful cards - love them! And such a super cause. I checked out the website and I'm going for the Jan 7th deadline for valentine cards. I'm going to recruit some friends to do the same. Could be a fun monthly get together for a great cause!



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